Rafi, born Rafael Emilio Alam Encarnacion, is a game designer and developer specializing in the creation of worlds. Using both traditional and experimental controllers and mechanics, Rafi creates experiences inspired by both art and life. As a designer that’s proficient in programming, 2D/3D art and animation, with a background in cinematography, special effects and music, he has a deep understanding of technical limitations and roles that all team members play within the development cycle. Rafi is a Dominican-American New York City native with design sense, a passion in games, and in the pursuit of knowledge. He strives to create aesthetically beautiful experiences with an emphasis on fun. Rafi is currently in the Design and Technology BFA program at Parsons School of Design, majoring in Game Design. His short film “Revolution” was exhibited in the Parsons Student Showcase.

Email: rafi@rafialam.com
Twitter: @rafiemilio

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